Infographic Tips for Success

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 3.50.04 PMAn infographic is a visual representation of information or data. I recently created my own infographic for my strategic public relations communication class to educate staff at the University of Oregon Catering and Conferences about potential accidents that could occur while on the job. After finishing, here are a few tips I learned from the project:

1. Simplify your content

Keep it simple. Often people make the mistake of overloading their infographic with too much clutter. To avoid this, sort out unnecessary facts and break your information into sections.

2. Be selective with your type

Use one or two fonts that are easy to read, but do not draw attention away from your visualizations. Avoid using tacky fonts such as “Curlz” or “Comic Sans.” Make sure the color of type is easily legible.  For example, use light color font to contrast with a dark color background to help your reader’s eyes be drawn to important information.

3. Use complementary colors

Colors should be limited and used to guide your reader. Mute unimportant text with dull colors like grey and highlight important text with eye-catching colors like red.

These basic design tips will not only simplify the planning process, but also help create the ideal infographic to present to your target audience.

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